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"Meal planning is an invaluable resource that can help keep families healthy, less hungry, reduce food waste, and save them time and money!”

"Just tell me what to eat!”

This is a request we often hear from our clients - at a minimum, they want ample suggestions for recipes and meals. They're often tired and frustrated by conflicting nutrition information and don't want to have to make one more decision about what's for dinner!

Benefits of using our meal planning service

An effective meal plan can help to keep you organised for the week to month ahead - taking the stress out of shopping, meal prep, and cooking, ensuring you are eating delicious and nutritious food. They are also a powerful teaching tool, offering struggling clients a structured tool that can help them with their nutrition goals. 

Other benefits include:

  • Saving time, money & stress from having to think about what to cook 

  • Plans are family friendly, making it easy for families to enjoy nutritionally balanced healthy meals

  • No more creating separate meals for family members

  • Parents can manage the weight of the family while feeding their family nourishing food

  • No more time spent making weekly shopping lists

  • Save time grocery shopping with lists split into grocery store appropriate sections

  • Visual schedule of weekly meals making it a great way for the whole family to see what meals are planned for the week (this is great for kids on the spectrum who need to know what meals are coming up that day)

  • Easy to prepare recipes & instructions for non-cooks

  • Recipe rotation to create dietary variety

  • Caters to dietary requirements

  • Online access - convenient to cook from instructions off your phone

  • Develops confidence in the kitchen

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What we provide:

We offer a range of meal plan services to suit all kinds of individual or family needs, from  balancing particular health issues, food preferences, and various life stages, to providing insight on portion sizes, macronutrient breakdowns, and frequency of consuming specific food groups. 

All monthly meal plan subscriptions include the following:​

  • Meal plan outline

  • Meal prep instructions

  • All Recipes

  • Shopping lists

  • Exact amounts of ingredients required

  • Nutritional information


Types of meal plan subscriptions available:

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General Meal Plan Subscriptions

  • Standard meal plans (no food intolerances or aversions)

  • Vegetarian/vegan plans

  • Gluten-free

  • Dairy-free


Customised Meal Plan Subscriptions

  • Tailored to individual requirements, including:

  • Specific food allergies or intolerances

  • Specific macronutrient breakdowns required

  • Specific health issues 

*Subscription services can be cancelled at anytime after the first month.

How much do meal subscriptions cost?

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$35.00 PER MONTH

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$75.00 PER MONTH

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