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"We are passionate about educating, inspiring and empowering people on the benefits of good nutritional habits. Helping to develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies around healthy eating and nutrition"

We understand the importance of maintaining relationships with clients and the wider community, and are available to create and run workshops for a variety of groups including:

  • Community groups

  • Corporate groups

  • Primary & Secondary schools

  • Fitness studios

  • Health centres

  • Sporting clubs


Allowing us to share our nutritional knowledge by providing fun, practical, and simple solutions to a variety of nutrition related topics.



Workshops can be delivered on predefined topics, or tailored to meet specific client requests and include:

  • Professional development education for staff.

  • Wellbeing sessions for staff, to help improve workplace health and productivity.

  • Information sessions for parents, sporting groups, corporate groups, schools, aged care facilities, and other community groups.

  • Fitness studios & health centres, helping clients to change eating patterns and behaviours for weight loss, muscle gain, or increased energy.

  • Fussy Eaters

  • Healthy Ageing

  • Gut Health (Mood & Brain health)

  • Heart Health

  • Nutrition for Stress & Anxiety

  • Healthy Lunchbox & Snack Tips 

  • Healthy Family Meal Planning

  • Navigating the Supermarket

  • Making Sense of Food Labels

  • Nutrition Myth Busting

  • Mindful Eating

  • Making Sense of Different Diets

  • What is Healthy Eating - Balancing Nutrition

  • Healthy Cooking Tips & Meal Prep

  • Healthy Goal Setting

  • Fueling Sports Performance

Workshops can be held on-site or online. They can also include a cooking demonstration component if required.

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